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9th International Conference on Corpus Linguistics

The 9th JLC is pleased to announce the presence of: Dominique Boutet, Université d’Evry: Corpus multimodaux de Langues Vocales et de Langues des Signes enregistrés en capture de mouvement, vers un changement paradigmatique, and Michaela Mahlberg, University of Birmingham: Collocation and opportunities for interdisciplinarity.
They will be accompanied by over forty talks and posters of international and national speakers. Before the conference, we are coordinating with Consortium CORLI for hands-on corpus-based workshops. To conclude the conference, a round-table with Claire Doquet, Cécile Fabre, Franck Neveu, Christophe Parisse who will offer insights into the evolution of corpora studies. We also welcome the participation of the Librairie Arthaud, Editions UGA, John Benjamins, and Edinburgh University Press.

The International Conference on Corpus Linguistics (JLC), founded by Geoffrey Williams in 2001 at the University of South Brittany, Lorient, France regularly draws together an interdisciplinary community whose research focus is corpus linguistics. After seven gatherings in Lorient and an interlude in Orleans in 2015 (8th International Conference on Corpus Linguistics), the conference will alight in Grenoble beginning July 2017, organized by the LIDILEM Laboratory with contributions from LIG, ILCEA4, Litt&Arts and the MSH-Alpes.
The objective of JLC'17 is to
  • (re)unite a community that adopts various approaches, be they methodological or disciplinary,
  • promote corpus linguistics,
  • contribute to the evolution of practices in the field by building bridges between different approaches to digital corpora.
The participants are invited to share and compare their knowledge of tools, experiences, and findings.
In the tradition of previous conferences, the JLC in Grenoble will offer three days of presentations, invited speakers and discussion sessions among the participants. Training sessions on tools and methods will be organized over a day and half.
Expected contributions, based on written, oral or multimodal corpora, may relate to, but are not limited to:
  • Linguistic approaches to corpora
  • Methods and tools
  • Variations, genres, and discourse
  • Applications and uses of corpora for teaching and learning, translation, terminology...

To contact the organization committee: jlc2017[at]
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